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Things You Should Know
  •  How to create a web page using HTML
  •  How to make a web page look spectacular
  •  How to get a web page to respond to mouse clicks
  •  How to choose which programming language to use
Mastering Docker
  •  How to install Docker on your computer
  •  How to build a new Docker container
  •  How to run or execute Docker container commands
  •  How to manage Docker images, containers and network
Developing from Home
  •  How to install PHP on your computer
  •  How to run a local cloud container
  •  How to install software in the local cloud container
  •  How to choose and use a code editor
Starting from Scratch
  •  Understand how PHP recognizes information
  •  How to look for key words in a text string
  •  How to organize lists of things into PHP arrays
  •  How to search and sort a data set
Adding Intelligence
  •  How to get PHP to make decisions
  •  How to get PHP to repeat a set of instructions
  •  How to put program code into reusable blocks and how to use existing PHP functions
  •  How to package variables and functions into classes
Talking to Users
  •  How to acquire and retain customer info between requests
  •  How to get information from a form posting
  •  How to use PHP arrays to auto-generate form drop-down lists
  •  How to send confirmation emails to users
Working with Files
  •  How to read the contents of a file into PHP 8
  •  How to save a list of data into a file
  •  How to scan access logs and extract a count of web page visits
  •  How to get PHP 8 to read and write spreadsheet data
Getting Onto the Cloud
  •  How to upload a PHP program to your cloud site
  •  How to jump between PHP scripts
  •  How to read parameters from the URL
  •  How to produce readable URLs your PHP app can process
Upscaling Your Website
  •  How to refactor a single program file into many
  •  How to package program code into reusable classes
  •  How to logically organize your code on disk
  •  How to install and maintain open-source software
Cloud Deployment Automation
  •  How to make an intelligent decision about a cloud provider
  •  How to create and update a code repository
  •  How to create versions and add git hooks
  •  How to automatically deploy a container to the cloud
Implementing Website Security
  •  Learning about attacks and attack systems
  •  How to determine if and how your website is open to attack
  •  How to make sure form data is valid
  •  How to make sure form data is safe to store on your website
On the Job
  •  How most software development groups operate day by day
  •  About the most popular bug tracking systems
  •  How to perform debugging and run unit tests
  •  What are the most popular deployment tools
MySQL Specialist
  •  How to connect to a MySQL database
  •  How to define a good data structure
  •  How to run SQL queries in the MySQL shell
  •  How to perform a database search
  •  How to search multiple database tables
  •  How to save information to a database
  •  How to update or remove database entries
  •  How to safeguard against attack
MongoDB Specialist
  •  How to install the MongoDB PHP database extension
  •  How to install the MongoDB PHP Library
  •  How to determine where and how data is going to be stored
  •  How to do a database search
  •  How to refine a query using aggregation
  •  How to save information to a database
  •  How to update or remove database entries
  •  How to implement MongoDB security features

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