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Andrew Caya

LfPHP Courses

Andrew teaches all our Linux for PHP courses as well as PHP 8 and Laminas MVC


  • Programming Languages
  • New Database Technologies
  • Using PHP Frameworks
  • Foreign Languages
  • French Wine


Andrew developed all of the core technology used by LfPHP Cloud Services. His inventions include the LightMVC framework, ASCLinux, Linux for PHP and Linux for Composer among other things. Andrew is the founder of the LfPHP Cloud and our training organization PHP Continuous Learning. He is the CEO of Foreach Code Factory, based in Quebec, Canada.

Andrew is also the author of the widely acclaimed Packt Publishing title Mastering The Faster Web with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript


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Our MongoDB teaches you how to to be more productive in a short amount of time using MongoDB, with a focus on how to incorporate MongoDB into a PHP application.

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Linux for PHP

In this course you learn how to deploy to the cloud from a source code repository, implement a Lambda Serverless Function, automate PHP framework installation and create an Instant eCommerce website using the revolutionary Linux for PHP technology.

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  • New for 2021

PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician

PHP Continuous Learning has released an exciting series of new courses designed to help you jump start your career in web development as a PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician.

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