The number one problem facing everyone in the world is the pandemic and its affect on small business. Many small businesses are being driven into the ground and have had to shut their doors. This presents a tremendous opportunity for those people currently out of a job. If you could somehow become a web developer, with the tools to get these tens of thousands of small businesses back online, you would not only help save your local economy, but you would ensure your own success as well.

Only $30 for a bundle of 4 mini-courses. You can also sign up for a single mini-course for only $10!

PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician


    M-W-F-Sat, one bundle per day, 3 times per day


    Each bundle: 4 mini-courses, each mini-course: 30 minutes

  • FEE

    For spring 2021,
    only $30 per bundle or $10 per mini-course.
    Check for other discounts!

About the Program

The PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician program is offered in the form of a bundle of mini-courses, taught by a live instructor. Each bundle consists of 4 mini-courses, each 30 minutes in duration, scheduled at 3 different times to accommodate any timezone. Here detailed description of each bundle. Click on the description box for even more information. Only $30 for a bundle of 4 mini-courses. You can also sign up for a single mini-course for only $10!



Andrew Caya

Senior Instructor

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PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician

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