Our Sustainability Promise

Building a better world starts with us.

GAF is investing in our people, our planet, and progress for a more sustainable future.

2022 Sustainability Report

Learn about our Sustainability Promise and our progress against our 2030 Planet Goals in our latest report.

Creating opportunities for our people - now and in the future.

From our employees, to the communities where we operate, to the contractors we work with, we are committed to creating opportunities to enhance lives and livelihoods.

Partnering with our communities

Resilience is the foundation on which we will build thriving, sustainable communities. GAF leverages our expertise, resources, and products in support of shelter, families, and workforces.

Supporting our workforces

People looking for great paying jobs with growth potential are joining GAF’s Roofing Academy and discovering rewarding careers in our growing industry.

Investing in the future of our planet

As leaders, we must take into consideration the long-term impact of our business on the health of our planet.

Product Circularity

Establish a material take back program for recycled asphalt shingles with the goal of diverting 1 million additional tons of roofing materials from landfill annually by 2030, and establish a circular roofing economy.

Operational Waste Diversion

Achieve 80% waste diversion rates across all manufacturing plants. Recycle 100% of PMW TPO or shingle scrap, and retain, recycle, or reuse mat scrap and cores.


Reduce our operational carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency, introducing renewable energy sources and exploring and/or innovating new technologies to remove carbon from the environment.

Green Portfolio Expansion

Conduct Life Cycle Assessments all core GAF products, and drive product expansion in solar and non-asphaltic roofing products.

GAF Cool Community Project combats the urban heat island

GAF and StreetBond pavement coatings have partnered together in a first-of-its-kind initiative launched in the Pacoima neighborhood of Los Angeles, to develop insights on urban heat effects by assessing cooling strategies.

Progress means taking action for a better world.

We use our resources wisely, leveraging our network of partners, and pushing innovation to accelerate action.

Solar roof energy

GAF Energy envisions “Energy from every roof” and is making that vision a reality with Timberline Solar, the first nailable solar roofing system, It’s a roof, with energy. It’s that simple.

Industry-leading innovation

We are committed to making our products better, stronger, safer, and in more sustainable ways that are faster, less wasteful, and easier to install.

To reach our goals, we will build on what we’ve started.

Introducing the industry’s first recycled asphalt shingles

GAF manufactures asphalt shingles containing recycled material from post-consumer and post-manufacture waste shingles through a patented recycling process.

Sustainable building resources

Transparency is key to sustainable buildings. Get answers to your product questions, rating systems, regional codes, and more from our sustainability partners.

Sustainable Minds
An online catalog providing at-a-glance information about GAF's EPDs, HPDs, and Declare Labels
A sustainable product platform with information about how GAF's products perform in a variety of green building rating systems
A freely searchable platform with aggregated product transparency information
A free cloud-based platform that allows building professionals to research, configure, and download building product data

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