Roofing marketing resources

Grow your roofing business and attract more customers online.

Learn how to get leads and grow your roofing business with digital marketing

Today, more than 93% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses — including reading online reviews from other customers. We’re here to help you use digital technology to find and build trust with potential customers.

Webinar-on-Demand: Geo-Target Neighborhoods with Facebook Ads

Learn the simple, but effective, technique of creating and running Facebook ads that can target customers in your service area who are considering a new roof.

How to use online reviews for roofing reputation management

For many roofing contractors, referrals generate the best business leads. But how much do you know about one of the most widespread forms of referrals: online reviews?

Learn more about marketing and lead generation

Watch an in-depth CARE webinar delving into Marketing and Lead Generation, featuring Jon Paramore of The Smash Co. and GAF’s Steven McCabe. Enter branch code “GAF” to access.

Receive, manage and track leads all in one place

GAF Leads* aggregates your leads, enabling you to quickly respond to homeowners and allows your team to access homeowner information through a single, easy to use tool.
*Available to GAF Master Elite and Certified Contractors only. Subscription required. Terms and conditions apply.

Roofing website resources

Launching a roofing website for your company is one of the best ways to promote your business. While you don’t have to be a web designer to create a good website, there are some best practices you’ll want to know. Here are three ideas to keep in mind when building your site.


Set the tone for your online sales pitch. It should be attractive and easy to navigate; showcase your company logo; and should feature images that represent you, your crew, and examples of your best work.


Dedicate individual pages to topics like available services, company history, and contact information. Make sure each page is linked in the main navigation menu.


Search engine optimization (SEO) affects how well your site ranks in search results. One key way to improve your site’s SEO is to include your business name, address, and phone number throughout your site.

Have YourWebPro build a custom website

YourWebPro specializes in consulting, designing and building websites for companies in the roofing industry.

Types of roofing advertising to consider

Here are some of the key types of digital advertising formats and marketing channels you can consider that may help you achieve more visibility for your business.


Organic marketing means driving business naturally over time, without spending any money. Organic tactics like sending out emails and posting a blog or social media, can help increase your brand recognition and boost your business.


Paid promotional posts on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms get displayed in user newsfeeds, and can often be targeted so you can find users who are most likely to become your next roofing customers.


Paid search advertising is also known as pay-per-click or PPC advertising. When someone types in certain keywords in search engines like Google, your ad can be displayed at the top of the search results.


Perhaps the most “traditional” of your digital options is the banner ad, which can showcase your company on relevant websites using impactful graphics and copy.

Communicate directly with consumers to grow your business

Few marketing tactics give you as much control over your message and audience as social media and email. Learn more about how you can use these tactics to engage with potential customers.

Social Media

Join the GAF Social Media Team to learn more about  establishing connections with your customers using social media, from building your audience and creating engaging content, to social media channel recommendations and general best practices.


Email marketing is part art, part science. If you want to earn a greater ROI for your email marketing efforts, here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Let customers know quality matters: Shop GAF Merchandise

Not all marketing is digital. Some of it is fashionable. Aligning yourself with a reputable, respected roofing brand can help establish trust, and lets your customers know you care about the products you install on their roof.

The GAF Online Store

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GAF Leads aggregates your leads, enabling you to quickly respond to homeowners and allows your team to access homeowner information through a single, easy to use tool.
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