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Investing in Mercator: The Future of Construction Intelligence

Mercator Founders Hogan Lee and Chloe Smith

StandUp Ventures is extremely excited to announce our investment in Mercator’s over subscribed pre-seed round.

Founded by Chloe Smith and Hogan Lee out of Calgary, Mercator is a construction intelligence platform that delivers early project leads to the General Contractors and other players in the construction industry. The platform pulls data from public registries and 3rd party sources and serves up personalized leads, in real-time, to GC’s business development teams. We see Mercator as building the “ZoomInfo” of construction.

Lead generation in the construction industry is largely a manual and time-intensive process that relies on relationships for job referrals and industry intel. BD teams manually source public registry information to see who has been issued permits, which properties have changed ownership, and which businesses have been active in the industry. BD teams are often finding out about a project after General Contractors and Sub Contractors have been hired for the job. Existing solutions are expensive, legacy systems, that present only the most basic information and are not sufficiently addressing the problem.

StandUp Ventures exists to back exceptional women led companies with ambitious and supremely talented founders, qualities we believe Chloe, Hogan, and the Mercator team epitomize. Chloe and Hogan are a phenomenal founding team with a unique mix of grit, technical skill, industry acumen, and integrity. We first met Chloe in the fall of 2021 and could immediately she fit the StandUp thesis like a glove.

We’re excited to co-invest alongside a great syndicate that includes a number of operator angels and construction tech insiders. Most importantly, we are thrilled that two StandUp Ventures portfolio company CEOs, Stephany Lapierre of Tealbook and Mallorie Brodie of Bridgit, as well as long time friend of StandUp, Kerry Liu (Co-founder of Rubikloud) participated in this round and are working closely with the founding team.

If you’re a General Contractor looking to drive leads and level up your BD work — book a Mercator demo now.

PS — they’re hiring!



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