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Doug Bierer

PHP and MongoDB Courses

Doug teaches all our PHP, PHP Framework and MongoDB courses.


  • Programming Languages
  • New Database Technologies
  • Using PHP Frameworks
  • Foreign Languages
  • Music of All Types


Doug wrote his first program in 1971: an environmental simulator written in BASIC on a DEC PDP-8 with a whopping 4K of RAM. Since that time, Doug has been a commercial developer in a variety of languages, including PL/I, FORTRAN, Assembler, FORTH, C, C++, dBase, Pascal, Prolog as well as perl, Python, and of course PHP.

The author of a number of technical references published by O'Reilly and Packt Publishing, his recent titles include:


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  • Winter | Spring 2021
  • PHP 8

PHP 8 for PHP Developers

Designed for PHP developers with a knowledge of PHP 5.x or 7.x, in this course you learn about all the great new features in PHP 8 with a focus on migration from PHP 7 to PHP 8. Get a head start and leave the rest of the crowd behind.

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Drupal Module Development

Drupal is the most popular modular content management system (CMS) in the PHP eco-system. In this course you learn how to develop modules for Drupal 8 and 9.

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Our MongoDB teaches you how to to be more productive in a short amount of time using MongoDB, with a focus on how to incorporate MongoDB into a PHP application.

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