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Our values are the building blocks of everything we do. They’re the guiding principles that shape who we are: an inclusive, diverse, and culture-driven company that delivers on our promise to Empower, Evolve, Connect, and Inspire. Hear what our people have to say!

Meet Andres Beltran | CARE Training Lead at GAF
Jennifer Kustra | Sr. Director Hr, Operations at GAF
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Our commitment to nurturing a culture that promotes inclusion and diversity is reflected in our employee-led communities, where everyone is invited to live their core values.

Asians Learning Together engages GAF colleagues to develop successful careers, be a source of mutual support, and celebrate Asian culture.

Our mission is to foster an inclusive environment that identifies and provides personal and professional development, open communication, and support for the Black GAF Community.

The Rainbow Alliance for Diversity creates an inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+ employees and their allies to bring their whole selves to a workplace that is reflective of their values.

Supporting all Latinos with Unity and Diversity inspires, empowers, and equips our Latino workforce and external customers to achieve excellence.

Women Inspiring Sustained Equality thrives by empowering, inspiring, and collectively supporting women to achieve and advance in their careers.

“I love working here because innovation is wanted here almost over anything else. It gives GAF that culture that rewards you for asking questions, finding problems, and going out to do something about it.”

Financial Valuation & Analysis Manager | 8 years

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