MongoDB is a NoSQL database that's taken the world by storm. This course teaches you MongoDB basics as well as how to develop MongoDB-driven PHP applications.



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About Course

This course teaches you how to to be more productive in a short amount of time using MongoDB.
Participants learn how to:

  • Run queries using the MongoDB database shell
  • Perform complex operations involving the MongoDB aggregation framework
  • Install the MongoDB PHP database extension and library
  • Create MongoDB database driven PHP applications

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Detailed Course Outline

MongoDB Overview

This unit includes the following topics:

  • PHP-CL JumpStart: MongoDB
  • JumpStart:MongoDB Introduction
  • What's the Big Deal?
  • MongoDB Features and NoSQL
  • MongoDB Terminology
  • BSON Data Format
  • BSON Data Format Example

MongoDB Shell

In this unit you will learn how to perform C.R.U.D. operations using the mongo shell.

This unit includes the following topics:

  • Mongo Shell Overview
  • What is the Mongo Shell?
  • Mongo Shell Connect Options
  • Mongo Shell Connect URI
  • Shell Method Categorization
  • Shell Methods: Command Helpers
  • Shell Command Helper Example
  • Shell Methods: Database
  • Shell Methods: Database Method Example
  • Shell Methods: Collection
  • Shell Queries: find()
  • Query Operators
  • Query Operators Example
  • CRUD Operations: Insert and Delete
  • CRUD Operations: Update
  • Backup and Restore
  • Lab: Mongo Shell

MongoDB PHP Driver

In this unit you learn about the MongoDB PHP driver.

This unit includes the following topics:

  • MongoDB PHP Driver
  • What is the MongoDB PHP Driver?
  • PHP MongoDB Extension Considerations
  • PHP MongoDB Extension Classes
  • PHP MongoDB Library Considerations
  • Linux and Mac Extension Installation
  • Installation Using Pecl
  • Extension Installation on Windows
  • PHP MongoDB Extension Test
  • PHP MongoDB Extension Test Continued
  • PHP MongoDB Library Installation
  • Making the Connection

PHP C.R.U.D. Operations

This unit focuses on using the PHP MongoDB Library to accomplish create, read, update and delete operations.

This unit includes the following topics:

  • PHP C.R.U.D. Ops
  • Using the PHP Library to Conduct Queries
  • PHP Library Query Example
  • PHP Library Query Example
  • PHP Library Query Operators
  • PHP Library Query Operators
  • PHP Library Query Operators
  • PHP Library Query Operators
  • Using the PHP Library to Add Documents
  • InsertMany() Example
  • Bulk Document Operations
  • Bulk Document Operations Example
  • Using the PHP Library to Update Documents
  • MongoDB\Collection::updateOne()
  • Update Operators
  • PHP Library: Model the Update
  • PHP Library: Translate Update to PHP
  • PHP Library: Perform Update
  • Using the PHP Library to Remove Documents
  • PHP Library Delete Example

MongoDB Aggregation Framework

The MongoDB Aggregation Framework creates a pipeline into which you can introduce a series of stages. The output of one stage becomes the input to the next stage.

This unit includes the following topics:

  • MongoDB Aggregation Framework
  • Aggregation Framework Overview
  • db.collection.aggregate()
  • Simple Aggregation Example
  • Pipeline Stage Operators
  • Pipeline SQL-Like Stage Operators
  • Pipeline Expression Operators
  • Signups by Event: Model the Query
  • Signups by Event: Convert to PHP Code



Andrew Caya

Senior Instructor

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