Newly designed school playground using StreetBond coating, helping cool the asphalt.

Solving for the urban heat island

The journey begins with the exciting partnership of GAF Cool Community Project and StreetBond pavement coatings

GAF Cool Community Project

A first-of-its-kind initiative launched in the Pacoima neighborhood of Los Angeles, the project is aimed at developing insights into ways cities can address urban heat at a community-wide level by assessing the effects of cooling strategies.

A pavement coating solution

GAF’s long history of community engagement along with the innovation of StreetBond products, uniquely position the pair to achieve the goal of reducing urban heat.

StreetBond DuraSheild pavement coating design in bright colors on asphalt.

StreetBond DuraShield with Invisible Shade™ technology

The pavement coating can be applied clear or in a variety of colors - to reflect heat while adding protection. When applied to streets, playgrounds, and parking lots in Pacoima, surface temps were reduced by 8-14 degrees.

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Making an impact that also makes headlines

New basketball court in Los Angeles neighborhood, transformed by GAF Cool Community Project.
Bloomberg: How One Los Angeles Neighborhood Is Guarding Against Deadly Heat
As temperatures hit triple digits on a blue-sky July day in the Los Angeles community of Pacoima, families escape the heat at a local park.
Sun setting during city skyscrapers
Forbes: If Heatwaves Are The New Normal, How Can We Cool Our Cities Down?
The annual average temperature in the United States has already warmed over the past few decades and is projected to rise by 5°F – 8.7°F by the end of this century.
StreetBond solar reflective paint design on Los Angeles city street.
Fast Company: 1 million square feet of L.A. roads are being covered with solar-reflective paint
It’s no secret by now that cities run hotter than the countryside: Fewer trees mean less shade, and concentrated human activity generates heat, which hard surfaces like pavement and parking lots absorb.
GAF Cool Community Project members painting blue StreetBond coating on Los Angeles city streets.
Good Morning America: Innovative new way one neighborhood is trying to cool their community
A Los Angeles neighborhood is beating the heat in a creative way with a fresh coat of paint that is turning out to be a cool solution.

GAF community involvement

From our employees, to the communities where we operate, to the contractors we work with, we’re committed to creating opportunities to enhance lives and livelihoods.