It's an understatement to say that things are tight around the world at the moment. You may very well already be, or soon will be, in what is famously known as between a rock and a hard place. One bright light on the horizon is to either get your business online, or learn how to get other people's business online. At PHP Continuous Learning we offer you the best of both options. Anybody who signs up for one of our Core or JumpStart series of courses will get a free 30-day trial account on our widely acclaimed LfPHP Cloud Services. We also offer a wide range of training courses that will have you up and running in your new career as a PHP Developer in a matter of months. As an added incentive, those signing up for two or more bundles from our PHP 8 Certified Cloud Technician program receive a free one year cloud services account!

Design Your New Career

Current Occupation
Websites Developed
How Many Computers
Ideal Job
Social Media
Programming Experience
Career Goals
 more money
 better financial security
 health insurance
 more satisfaction
 start own company
Type Of Work
 office work
 deal with many products
 customer relations
 out of doors
 car/truck/taxi driver
Computer Experience
 web browsing
 check email
 word processing
 mainframes and minis
 use every day
CMS Interest
 Concrete 5
Technology Interest
Language Interest
Frameworks Interest
Database Interest
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