Rebuilding for resilience

GAF Community Matters is taking on an ambitious initiative in the Gulf Coast region.

Bringing Community Matters to New Orleans With Anthony Mackie

GAF is leveraging its roofing expertise and resources to repair/replace 500 roofs throughout the Gulf Region, starting with 150 roofs in New Orleans’ 7th Ward. View the press release

Restoring hope to homeowners

Meet two New Orleans homeowners whose houses we’re helping to restore by providing the essential protection of new or repaired roofs.

Bringing home Mr. Evans

Korean War veteran William Evans Sr. has lived in New Orleans’ 7th Ward for nearly a century. But in 2021, Hurricane Ida forced the proudly independent retired longshoreman to leave his home. Major damage to the roof made the house unsafe. Working together, we’ll bring him home where he belongs.

“We did a circle around the block three times just looking at the new roof. We’re so excited and appreciative of this.”
- Redell Warren, daughter of Mr. Evans

A safe place for the Barard family

Lifelong 7th Ward resident Larae Barard grew up next to the house she now lives in with her two young children. Sadly, the house suffered intense damage from Hurricane Ida, including a leaky roof and water damage throughout. We’re proud to help ensure their home is safe to live in for years to come.

“You never know when your miracle is going to come, but it comes always on time. I want to say thank you to GAF for what they are doing for me.”
- Ms. Larae Barard

Strong non-profit partnerships

Click below to learn about the amazing national and local partners working with GAF to address the needs and help build the resiliency of the communities we support.

Be prepared when disaster strikes

Disaster Preparedness: Best Practices for Homeowners

Disasters come in different forms, including severe weather, wildfires, and even health crises such as a global pandemic. Thankfully there are things you can do ahead of time in order to secure your home, protect your family, and recover more quickly in the event of a disaster.

How to Make a Disaster Preparedness Kit

Having a disaster preparedness kit is a key part of being ready for the unexpected. The American Red Cross recommends having enough supplies on hand to sustain your household for a few days if you are evacuating, or up to two weeks if you are staying in your home.

Get involved in your community

GAF offers incredible opportunities to acquire or share the roofing skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the roofing industry and support communities.