In today’s economy, training with the wrong organization can waste valuable time and money. PHP Continuous Learning brings to the table FCF CourseBuilder, a combined course development and delivery platform that automates the development process to such an extent whereby new content can be developed quickly and made available for immediate delivery. PHP Continuous Learning has an integrated ​Learning Hub​ that fosters relationships with students. Finally, PHP Continuous Learning has on board a staff of instructors who are highly acclaimed in the PHP community and experts in their respective fields.

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PHP Continuous Learning

As a web developer, you know you have to stay on top of all the new technologies. You know that you have to have a trusted training partner you can turn to when you need to learn something new. Technologies like Laminas, Drupal module development, Doctrine programming, and MongoDB PHP coding are only a few of the subjects you will find on this website.

Additionally, PHP Continuous Learning offers each student their own cloud based container, built upon the top-rated​ ​ LfPHP​ cloud services platform. Each student is given their own container to use for the duration of the class. This greatly reduces the initial effort and stress for new learners by eliminating the need to install and configure a working development environment. Once you are enrolled, click a link to spin up your new course work space and begin learning right away.

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LfPHP Cloud Services

Publishing a website to a cloud infrastructure for the first time can be a daunting task for both a non- technical person and a web developer, especially when the web application is to be containerized with Docker. Moreover, many current cloud offerings are prohibitively complicated when it comes to calculating monthly costs and configuring future web applications.

LfPHP Cloud Services simplifies this process by making its cloud infrastructure easily accessible to content publishers, offering a one-click publication process. Further, billing is extremely transparent, taking the form of a fixed monthly cost. No more need for complicated calculations or having to hire consultants with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science when trying to figure out cloud terminology! Click here to sign up for a free 30-day trial!


ASCLinux is a lightweight version of Linux with all the software needed to easily compile and/or use any version of PHP. The Linux for PHP Cloud leverages ASCLinux, developed to make the underlying infrastructure more stable, more secure, and better suited for web applications. LfPHP Cloud Services also support numerous other well-known web technologies including not only PHP, but Python, perl, Ruby and many more. Its stable, optimized and completely integrated set of open-source libraries are why our customers say, It Just Works. Click here for more information.


Easily create PHP applications by using any PHP library within this very modular, event-driven and Swoole-enabled framework! The LightMVC Framework is built upon proven technologies like Laminas, Pimple, FastRoute, Plates, and Whoops. And, let's not forget all of its great-looking templates created with Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS! Click here for more information.









Andrew Caya

Senior Instructor