A Word That Makes Great Relationships

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships. “ — Tony Robbins

  1. Commit to your relationship with yourself.

The only way to ensure you can bring more value is to commit to yourself in developing knowledge, and skillsets that will help you in living a healthier life mentally and physically, putting you in a better state to learn, live and serve.

2. Commit to showing up and serving

Loyalty and trust can only be won and created through consistent actions. Your decision to commit to showing up and serving is the beginning of the cycle that will bring you the relationships that will serve you.

3. In work — commit to engaging your comrades and partners

Engage may sound as if it is a low requirement at work. But ask yourself, is it? How many times have you looked at your role in work from a holistic perspective (in terms of the impact towards the organization you serve — how many levels are you considering?) before responding to a particular issue? Have you thought about it from the perspective of the other parties (internal or external) and made time and effort to find the best possible ways forward that serve to resolve the situation in serving the others and yourself while moving towards the goals or targets of the organization? In working with your partners and clients, are you focused on making them your raving fans or just doing enough so you sort of fulfill the contract? What is the main driver behind the actions you take in work — what’s the best for me or what’s the best choice for us?

4. Commit to finding your game

If you don’t find the game you want to play, someone will always have a plan for you in their game. So what say you?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧 on Unsplash



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If we can each help a single person improve (positively) in one lifetime, it would already be worth it. If we can each help two people, it will change the world