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A Note On Submissions

What’s going on?

Hey guys!

Just a heads up — as you know, things are a little turbulent here at Mind Cafe at present, what with our partnership with Medium recently coming to an end.

We’re still trying to figure things out at the moment. So here are a few updates for you:

  • Jordan, our beloved editor of almost two years, has recently stepped down as submissions manager. Be sure to keep an eye on his work, you’ll love it.
  • Bryan has kindly offered to assist me in managing submissions. Any writers that have been accepted into our Medium publication will be dealing with Bryan for all-things-editing. Please be nice to him!
  • For new writers that haven’t been accepted into our Medium publication yet, we currently don’t have a submissions manager, so new submissions are temporarily closed.

I’m working hard to appoint a new submissions manager to read all of your wonderful articles, so please bear with me while I do so. As any business owner knows, most of us are forced to juggle a thousand different things at once, but do know that I’m trying my best.

Thanks for your patience guys.

Love as always,




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Adrian Drew


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